Monday, June 2, 2008

Random Bakwaas

I was abducted last month by members of a secret society that wanted to find out as to how do I ‘maintain’ my physique. They tied and tortured me, but I did not give them the secret. After all, it is my IP and a source for secondary income, once I figure out how to use it for economic gain. After torturing me for one month, they finally realized that I am not going to part with the secret come what may, they erased my memory of the last one month, except for the abduction part, and released me yesterday night.

How much ever I want to believe this theory, and make you believe it too for the hiatus, I don’t think anyone will believe it. So, it is best to let the cat out of the bag.

The first reason for this sannatta is that my end-semester exams were on the horizon. Not that I was too busy burning the midnight oil on studies after a hard day’s work, but it is just that I did not want to feel guilty that I was blogging instead of studying. My total studying hours for the exams which I appeared for were as many as the exams, that is, four. These exams were open book exams, meaning, we can carry whatever study material we want to the exams for reference. My ideology is that if I will study for the exams, then what will I do in the examination centre for three whole hours?

By the way, I completed my fifth semester of the eight semester programme. When I enrolled in this programme, I really wondered if I will be able to study anymore. When I appeared for the first semester exams, I decided to quit after a couple more. Now, when I look back upon these five semesters, I can only sit back and wonder how I managed to survive through. The general consensus is that I should be able to survive three more. At least they are not as bad as the torture meted out by the underground secret society referred above.

The second reason behind this hiatus was that I was smitten by the IPL bug. I tried to resist it initially, but my defence mechanisms totally failed, and I ended up watching all the matches of IPL. I do not have a television set at my home here, but I somehow gained access to the neighbour’s television, and watched them all. Quite a revoluting concept this T20, I say. Now that it is over, I wonder what to do in the evenings. I am sure many of you share the same sentiment.

The worst part of this IPL experience of mine was that yesterday I started feeling sleepy after ten overs of the second innings. I somehow dragged myself to my bed, and dozed off to glory, without knowing the result of the finals. It was only when I read today’s newspapers that I realised that Rajasthan Royals did win the IPL series. I hear that the match was a nail biting one, and am really upset at missing it. The only consolation is that the team which I was supporting did eventually win the series.

World, I would like to confess something today. I did not realise this until today morning. Usually, I am the last person to wake up in the mornings. Today, I woke up unusually late and that too, to an empty house. I then cranked up the ol’ desktop computer at my house, and selected random tracks from those available; switched Winamp player to play tracks at random, and continued with my daily chores. There are no English tracks on the hard disk, not that I have anything against Hindi tracks. I turned up the volume and started singing along. The reason for the loud volume was that I did not want anyone to hear me sing, including myself. The tracks selected were at random without any prejudice. I loved all the tracks that were being played and I was singing along to all of them. While crooning to all the numbers, the realisation hit me like a brick hurled at me from many miles away. All the tracks being played were from the movie 'Namastey London', and the shocker that I got here is that all the tracks are composed by a certain composer who repeats the same kind of music in all his tracks, and sings with a certain nasal twang and most of his singing is out of sync with the music. I cannot bear the weight on my conscience any more. So here goes:
I like Himmesh Reshammiya’s tracks.
I know, I know. I was taken aback too. How could I, who simply adores classic and grunge rock, like such sacrilege? I don’t say I love his tracks, but like is the right word to use here. The culprit for this realisation is Winamp’s random track selection functionality, because I had selected many tracks for it to select from. But it randomly played only Himmesh-bhai’s tracks. I guess there was a greater power at work in that random functionality, and you know you cannot fight these greater forces. I know this for a fact that somewhere deep down inside, you too like his tracks like me, if not love them. And accepting the truth will make it easier for you, rather than opposing the likeliness towards his *ahem* tracks. I guarantee that after the initial trauma passes, the feeling will settle in nicely. Suspicion for the change in taste is also on the sudden drop in the dosage of music since I landed in Pune. I have decided to go for a MP3 player to settle this doubt. Lets see when this actually materialises.

Another thing is that I really enjoyed today’s morning. Waking up to a beautiful day, with no exams to worry about, and listening to your *gulp* favourite music with no one to bother you about the racket that you are creating or the time you take in the bathroom is something that I would love to wake up to every single day. I loved it to that extent that I am contemplating to move to a single room accommodation somewhere and staying alone. It is not that my current room-mates are a pain, but just that the frequency and wavelength are not matching. The looks and faces which I get whenever I give my opinion on something make me feel like I am from a different planet altogether. Mind you, I have no problems whatsoever, but just a random thought that I got today morning. Will give more thought to it in the coming days.

Now that the exams and IPL is over, it is back to good old movies for passing time. The latest edition of Indiana Jones will be lapped up before this week ends and Sarkar Raj in the next week. In the meantime, you guys can give some ideas in the comment section.

The second and final serving of the Loooog Weekend is something that I wanted to do for a long time, but now my memory is evading me. I will try to pull it all together and publish it as soon aspossible. No promises though.

Added Later:

This is the shortest post by me, so far. I vow to not repeat this mistake in the futute.


Sourabh said...

Thanx bro, for posting the blog this late, as this is my usual time in office.
I feel proud to be the 1st reader of such a Pakaau blog, perhaps.
U helped me regain my old memories, which v share ;-).
hahahahah...jus kidding...
Vaise achcha likha hai (:-().
Bata kaun hai jo teri bhaavnao ko nahi samajhta....samjha denge...:-)

vikas said...

Hey good one... Sorry to know that u missed watching final lovers of IPL. Really we were also so addicted to it , wondering now what to do from 8-11.

Buddy I like Himesh more as Music Director, - I know that he can keep his mouth shut and sing , but still...

And I want to congratulate u for completing 5 sems !! I know how u read and how much ;-) thats why congratulating!! All the best for remaining 3!! ;-)

Prasan said...

The other day you remarkably said "I want to write a blog, but than I'll feel guilty that I wasted my time blogging instead of studying."
In the end, I am 100% sure you neither blogged nor studied and than felt so guilty that you have written a blog about your studying habits!!!!

Neways, sounds good. But I am mesmerized by one thing - How the hell do you proof read ur own blogs???

And yes....I TOO LOVE HIMESH!!! Watching him, even I feel I can sing :)

vidhi said...

bhai i think u really bored staying for 2weeks at pune, come down soon, will eat ur head too much, so u come up with some interesting blog........

Mayuri said...

You are good with words man...!
Even with your random thoughts i was hooked onto read more...
I tell you, try your hand at some professional writing.. atleast you could make more bucks that being in IT.. ;)

Sagar said...

Well, while reading this blog I lost in my thoughts and couldnt realize I am at the end of the blog. Please dont think I was sleeping or I ignored your thoughts. But what I thought while reading your random Bakwaas (More specific....Thoughts) is since past few days I have also added randomely few Hindi songs in winamp... Surprisingly singer is Himesh bhai... Mover over movie is Namaste London... And I am still enjoying it and never allowed to enter wild thoughts of removing those songs into my mind. Why??? Even I also dont have the answer. But certainly its magic of Himesh after all!!!! Well wish me soon I will change my winamp list!!

Aunshul said...

Good goin kakke........that was rather an unusual masala blog which had a mix of everything......looking forward for many more.... :)

Charu said...

Good to know you also blog and my blog is in the listing, now i will add your name also to the mailing list ... :)