Monday, June 16, 2008

Kids !!!!

I receive many forwarded mails, and the ones which I like most are the ones which have the capability to tickle my funny bone. Especially the ones where the mail claims that the below outrageous content has been written by a toddler. Like the mail where a kid does an algebra expansion sum by simply moving the brackets further and further apart, or, like the one where kids were asked to define what is 'Love', with the result being quite funny. By now you must have got a fair idea of the mails which are being referred.
First and foremost, these mails are quite hilarious. No doubts about that at all, but someone they are not convincing enough to me. I never trust the mail’s claim that the stuff has been done by a kid. I always felt they are doctored by grown-ups. Couple of days back, my uncle sent me some scanned notebook pages. These documents were the stories written by his seven year old daughter, my cousin. Reading these stories, I realised two things. First: those toddler mails are right in their claims, and second: felt real sorry for all my kindergarten and junior school teachers who had to bear the torture of reading the stories and essays written by me when I was a kid. I simply wish I could write as good as my cousin writes when I was her age.
Nonetheless, I have uploaded the scanned pictures here. Do read them, and read them all, especially the morals. I was very nostaligic and recalled all my school days where we were forced to write morals for anything and everything. I have written many a weirder morals in my heydays.

Story 1 : Going to the boarding school.

Story 2: The Friendly Girl.

Story 3: The Beautiful Girl (this one takes the first prize).

Apart from this, there are couple of conversations which I can recall. I have been witness to them where kids have asked or stated things which had me completed bowled.

Conversation 1:

An uncle of mine resided at Singapore for a long time. Currently, he is in Doha. But when my aunt (his wife) was pregnant with their first kid, they were in Singapore. We were all very ecstatic on hearing the news. Another cousin of mine, who was no more than 5 or 6 years old, on hearing this news got a very genuine doubt at that point of time. This kid always turns to his grandfather for any doubts that he has. Only his grandfather has the patience to answer all his questions. But this time, even the grandfather was tongue-tied. The conversation was something like below:

Cousin: Dada, I have a question.
Grandpa: Ask beta.
Cousin: Kaaki is pregnant na?
Grandpa: Yes. In some months, you will have a baby brother or sister.
Cousin: But would the baby look like us or would the baby look like Chinese people?
Grandpa: ……??

Conversation 2:

A friend’s daughter, who was around 4 years old at that time, had this conversation with her dad. The conversation went something like this:

Father: Urja, tomorrow is Sunday. What do you want to do?
Daughter: We will go to shopping, then for a movie and later to a restaurant.
(Pretty smart for a 4 year old, I say).
Father: Where do you want to go for shopping?
Daughter: Any place where we get clothes and nail polish for me.
Father: Which movie do you want to see?
Daughter: Any movie, but we will not go to those ‘A’ rated movies. Last time we went, the security guard did not allow me to get into the movie hall, and I had to come home with dada without watching the movie.
Father: ……??

So you see, kids these days are very very smart are quite inquisitive. We, in our days, accepted anything and everything that was told to us. I wonder what would happen in the future.

If you have any such incidences involving kids, please do mention them in the comments section.


Prasan said...

First I am very happy to say this. YOU HAVE MADE A SPELLING MISTAKE!!!!!!!

"but 'someone' they are not convincing enough to me"

kya kar raha hain - Please proof read your blog before posting!!!

Prasan said...

now for an incident involving my little cousin brother:

Aunt: How was your exam?
Kid: I didn't write anything.
Aunt: (shocked) WHY???
Kid: Yesterday you asked me to write the answer to the question when we were revising. I wrote without complaining. Than in the paper today, they asked the same question. How many times shoudl I write the same answer!!
Aunt: (you must have guessed her reaction!!)

Charu said...

Intersting post...this reminded me of 2 incidents

Scene no 1:

My chachu flaunting his blackberry, his brother-in-law's 3 yr old son comes.

Chachu - "see, i got a new mobile. How is it?

Kid - " Looks like a calculator, find a good one next time"

Scene No 2 :

Bombay, Church Gate Station(I think!). 6 yr old coming down the stairs, with her "heels" making noise. Her dad realising that the noise was the source for attention towards them, says, "Can you walk softly, its too noisy for people". The little girl says "to , mere ko kya ... kisi ko problem hai ... mere ko koi faraq nahi padta"

Nishat said...

Yep, you caught it right. I was in a hurry to get home yesterday before posting it, and hence the error.

Going forward, my blogs will be proof-read stringently ;-)